I had planned to be much better about documenting the move to The Palace (Of Love), but I am sure you know how these things go. Everything was not a little overwhelming and I am surprised I survived the endless stair climbing.

Our removalists were most excellent and terribly efficient – but we saved a ton of cash by moving a good deal ourselves beforehand (to the extent of hiring a van for a couple of hours [less than $200]). We were astonishingly well organised, but if we ever move again we are handing the removalists the keys and departing to tropical climes until it is all over.

And a tip for those who are moving – just pay for a cleaner. Really, so very, very worth it. Don was unconvinced and I had to quite firmly insist that we had cleaners through The Palace (Of Love) before we moved in. It was so utterly sparkling afterward that Don was persuaded repeat the process in Old Haus, which we were originally planning to do ourselves. I am so very, very glad because by the end of it all I was so tired that I could have hardly-barely lifted a scrubbing brush.

Unfortunately, things are so utterly insane at SML at present (almost at year end! almost meeting ridiculous, un-achievable target!) that I’ve had little chance to relax and discover the new surrounds, or experience daylight. Nonetheless I realised today that have not had the slightest pang about leaving the old ‘hood and am insufferably pleased with The Palace (Of Love).

The thing I was worried most about was leaving our wonderful view:

final shot

But I suppose we can tolerate this (at a pinch, of course):

day time

foggy morning

clear night

Also, we have a kitty!

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