While we were living in various apartments, some fabulous, anonymous, mystery person dragged our bins to the curb, but now for the first time in many, many years we’re now responsible for taking them out on rubbish night.

We have a tiny, wee (much smaller than those in the adjoining terraces) rubbish bin which is emptied weekly. This is fine with us as we don’t produce a lot of actual rubbish.

And we have a very large recycling bin, which, unfortunately, is collected fortnightly.

This is particularly problematic when we have an over-full bin and then have Heather, Hilary and Hilarie1 over for a wee tipple and a tour of The Palace (Of Love)2. Which is the same night as bin night and then after all the wee tippling, you forget that it is bin night and when you remember and run down very early in the morning you miss the recycling truck. And you are very pleased that you have a double garage to become a recycling staging centre.

1The Lesbians formerly known as HIMTIAL1 & HIMTIAL2.
2Formerly known as OurVeryOwnHaus.

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