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The stars finally aligned and we managed to go camping!

We headed out to Western NSW early on Saturday morning and 4(ish) hours later were in the first payable goldfield in Australia.

Back in the day, full of enthusiasm for the great outdoors, we packed essential campering supplies in milk crates and stored them in the garage, so we could achieve a grab-and-go scenario.

Sadly, what with one thing and another, the supplies had laid fallow for roughly two years. Fortunately, upon checking the crates in preparation for departure, we realised that our past selves were Awesome! We’d even packed spare batteries for the torches! We’re now planning some refinements to the supplies, so our future selves will think we’re as fabulous as we currently think our most excellent past selves are.

The setting was gorgeous and everything was marvellously relaxing. I do so love spending time hiking, reading, boozing and burning things on the campfire. The strangest part of the adventure was the large number of people wielding metal-detectors and those panning for gold in the creek. Clearly, we were the only people there not in search of gold, though, slightly bedazzled, I did briefly examine some tree-roots in the creek while taking innumerable photographs- sadly no welcome stranger was to be found.

All in all, it was excellent and proved that overnight campering is definitely do-able. The next challenge is for Joe/Frank to accompany us (and for us to fit all that equipment for three people into GerryScotti).

Anyways, would that I had chosen better camera settings, but here are some snaps:

The best pie I have eaten in YEARS! from Blackheath

Rural splendor

Our campsite: feat. compact love tent

We have been accumulating all of our secure shredding for some time. Well, since our shredder died.

Secure shredding makes for excellent fire fuel

A very pretty spot

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