and upward

I promised this would not become the haus-buying blog, but in further property news …

We had an independent valuation of the place1 and it came back $50K higher than WhichBank?’s valuer. Unfortunately this was still quite a bit less than our offer. And so we decided, with heavy hearts, to not proceed.

I’m much more “what is The Universe trying to tell me?” than Don, but we both realised that it would be sheer stupidity to pursue this.

Interestingly, after we had resigned ourselves to letting go, the lovely Real Estate Agent came back and asked if we’d like to make another offer. We thought long and hard and made one at the median (which was rejected) and one at independent valuer’s price (also rejected).

We’re at peace with it all and have gained many insights, which I will foist upon you in the not-too-distant future.

1See here and here for the immediate neighbours and the potential.

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