Addendum/correction to last post: the most excellent smallstakes pointed out that banks have a panel of valuers from which to choose. Novices that we are, we’d completely misinterpreted Kick’s statement that most banks use the same valuers, in actuality they use the same system.

On the haus update front: WhichBank? came back and agreed with the valuer’s valuation (no surprise given that they contracted him).

Turns out warehouse apartments in semi-industrial areas with little churn prove quite difficult to value. Unfortunately, these are exactly the types of properties we want to own, so it will always be extremely hit and miss for the bank valuation.

We’ve chosen to view the whole thing as a learning experience. Or as I would position it, “what is TheUniverse trying to tell us?”

And thus, we’re having a good think about everything.

In the meanwhile we spent the weekend changing rooms, which resolves some of our immediate squashed, living-on-top-of-one-another problems – and Don and I have been reunited with our clothes, which is more satisfying than one could have imagined.

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