this will go down on your permanent record

I spent a good deal of Thursday evening reconstituting (if that is the word I want) blog pix from 2004.

I cannot even remember where I was hosting them, but the host was long-gone and the links long-dead. Fortunately I had taken backups at the time (I know! who was that well-organised person?) and simply had to re-upload the pix and update the links. I say simply, but it was not a little time-consuming. Fortunately I had mucho wine to accompany me.

And By!Golly! it was a very, very different life back then.

For a start, I looked about 10 years old:

And Bessie? HolyGoodness! What a wholesome poppet!

It was also quite astonishing to find that at least 1 in 3 (possibly 1 in 2) links were completely and utterly dead. I was forced to the fabulous waybackmachine to uncover what some of the “ZOMG! you should totes check out … “ links were all about. And so sad to see so many of the blogs I once utterly adored now lying fallow.

Now all that remains is to update those mrshardly pix hosted at photobucket – afterwhich I will blow the mrshardly blogger account away (all that will remain will be a single link to here). Then I must deal with the seemingly endless donandcarol self-linking before I can have everything all in one place (where it will remain for ever and ever – much as I loathe the typeface and the horrid access to archives).

In retrospect, I really should have amended the XML file before I imported it to wordpress.

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