Today was the last day of my holidays!
because surely you cannot count the weekend as holidays

Is back to the grind on Monday and let us all hope that I remain as chillaxed as I am now, because I am tres, tres chillaxed!

The reading! The de-cluttering! The baking! the sloth! The wine!

The celebrating of resignations:

The bumping the kindle typeface up to olde-lady size!


The babies and I have done mucho decluttering this week. We’ve cast out several bags of clothing and are down to the very nitty-gritty (with more to come as we embrace the ruthlessness):

Way too many Simpsons figurines

A paper-making kit I’ve been holding onto for roughly 17 years, which I made paper from precisely once … 17 years ago

While those above are being delivered to St Vinnies, other discoveries have just been cast unto the bin:

Remnants of a past life (what exactly I expected to do with all of these, I am not sure)


While waiting for the printing of a Bessie project to be completed at Officeworks, we browsed. And I found the telephone of my wildest dreams. Both water and dust proof!

Is Red! (am rapidly getting to the point that everything I own is red)

I would pay very good money to have a mobile of the colour, dimensions and heft of my new red phone!

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