meant to post this on sunday, but life got in the way

As predicted, last week was indeed hellacious. Monday evening saw me complete a project at 11.45pm (I know!) and I didn’t really recover for the rest of the seemingly endless week. Fortunately I did receive a good deal of praise, acknowledgement and appreciation of my cheerful attitude (!) from those who matter (honestly, I am such a cheap date!).

This week has turned out to be more of the same, but in the interim, I embraced the weekend.

  • Friday night Dinner at sushi-ya (our new fave for Japanese)
  • Saturday morning yoga
  • Queued for a very long while to mail golf-clubs to bro of Don
  • Bought new casual, weekendy pants (I have decided to permanently eschew jeans entirely1) and new (mucho expesive, but excellent for my dodgy knees) walking shoes
  • Mad Mex for lunch pre-Swans-v-Brisbane
  • Footy!
  • Post-footy beers at the Captain Cook watching the first half of Carlton v St Kilda
  • Lengthy post-post-footy-beers quest for food ended, most deliciously, at Il Barretto
  • Late night stroll home (all the while, unsuccessfully, attempting to find any pub showing the Carlton v St Kilda game)
  • Early golf game for Donaldo
  • Baked craisin and cornflake bikkies (recipe source unremembered)

  • Laundry (in Joe/Frank’s absence for father’s day weekend)
  • Gardened/repotted a little
  • Blu-tak’d a peg to tiles to hold recipes from the binder

  • Baked choc-chip muffins

  • Resolved to donate those terribly cute ikea muffin pans and cases to St Vinnies2 (life is much too short to spend hours and a good deal of angst filling oddly shaped muffin pans)
  • Assisted dismantling BBQ for Council rubbish collection
  • Watched Don make an enormous batch of best ever bolognaise sauce from
    Adrian Richardson: Meat

  • Contemplated making this gorgeous-looking cake from this utterly gorgeous blog, but decided to use my stash of ground almonds and the punnets of strawberries from the fridge for strawberry and cinnamon torte from BBC: Comfort Food
  • Wished again for anti-fatigue mats in kitchen
  • Soaked poor, wee feets
  • Collapsed in a heap

1 Must write post about jeans abandonment
2 Want them? More dexterous than I? They’re yours. Let me know.

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