rather better than anticipated

I had a good deal of SaltMinesLimited work to do this weekend.

Instead I chose to:

  • attend an early yoga class
  • inspect some rather nice properties
  • spend a small fortune at Essential Ingredient
  • make pies
  • have a family sing-along
  • play scattegories
  • visit spotlight
  • design and construct an Emergency! Orange! Chiffon! Party! Skirt! in 2.5 hours
  • enjoy Don’s hummus with lamb and deep fried pita bread
  • watch the ducks lose (yet again)
  • deliver emergency supplies to an unwell Joan: wee pie / english breakfast tea / kettle chips / 5 Harry Potter movies
  • make fabulous chicken + 40 cloves of garlic
  • lectured Joe/Frank re: life! and the importance of keeping up with studies

Photo via Bessie

Ahhh well, I’ll catch up tomorrow.

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