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The passing of Mom really gave us pause to think about our futures.

Namely, what will become of us when we are old?

We have wildly extravagent expecations for our twilight years, having a roof over our heads and being able to eat, for example. What with my extended gaps in employment and Don’s being in Aus for a relatively short time, our superannuation funds won’t provide us with a good deal of $.

So after a good deal of thought, we’ve decided on a strategy: we must board the hideously, ridiculously expensive home-ownership train in the next 18 months or so, in this way we will at least have the roof (and because of the outrageous mortgage we’ll need, will be able to practice the not eating bit).

So far we are at the research stage, trawling through the for sale listings and attending a couple of open-for-inspections – of course I want to buy absolutely everything, so is a very good thing that we have no finance sorted and can’t impulse buy a house!

Owners say sell? Hmmm … that’s probably why it is for sale

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