regaining my crafting mojo

Our collection of green shopping bags has been slowly diminishing and rather than pay an exhorbitant $1 each to replace them, I decided to waste dozens and dozens of hours and employ fabric I had in the stash. I was also keen to experiment with stencilling with A4 sticker sheets and silk screen paint (freezer-paper style) to create something a little more personal / brandless.

k <3 t for … errrrmm … kon and tarol

While they were somewhat frustrating to design and took a good deal of procrastination and avoidance to construct1 they have turned out fabulously well and are infinitely more superior than their predecessors. I could make a dozen more with different linings!

1and after completion I realised I had omitted the wee loop so the check-out peeps could suspend it from the rack the plastic bags hang on (one of the key elements).

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