oh hai

I has a new blog.

I anticipate that I will migrate and combine ye olde blogger posts (from all blogs) by, say, end of August (nothing like a deadline to get one motivated) and delete the old blogs by end September.

I must say, I can see what all the wordpress fuss is about (thanks to the ever-fabulous smallstakes for the push!).

6 thoughts on “oh hai

  1. Hello!!!

    Hope you are having a marvellous holiday – am very much enjoying reading about it (and, of course, am consumed with envy – must explore more of Europe).

    Still working out the idiosyncrasies of wordpress (hence the delay in approving the comment), but I would definitely agree that it is infinitely superior to blogger (was once rabidly google fan girly, now rather less so).


  2. Ohmigosh, hello!!

    I can now totally see why you all have wordpress blogs! I wish I had boarded that train a long time ago (though I still am on the learning curve – hence the age to approve your comment – d’oh!).

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