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Will be late for work because of the Giant! Boat! I was compelled to watch depart. So Giant! that it required four tugs.

I do so love a working harbour, but unfortunately these sights are becoming increasingly rare. Gentrification of the waterways?

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  1. I've probably said this before but we lived in the city (in Bridge Street) in 1999-2000 and it was fantastic. I loved the working harbour. There was a horn sounded every night at 10.15 which was a nice reminder (for me, anyway) to start getting to bed.

    It makes for a much more interesting city than one purely populated by ferries, superyachts and sailboats, although I do love Rushcutters Bay and the CYC, and the sight of Wednesday twilight racing.

  2. Jano!

    The harbour is the primary reason we still live in this tiny, too small for us, falling-down-about-our-ears flat.

    Is very strange not to look up from my desk and see our fave war boat, though am convinced he has gone to a much better place! Kicking self for.missing him leave though – heard the tug-boat horns, and rolled over and went back to sleep without registering what they were for.

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