After the very, very nice luncheon1 and promenade about the shops with Joan, I repaired homeward in dire need of a rest. Truly, she is the fastest walker on the planet, I almost have to run to keep up – exhausting!

I took a break from the endless crochet for a brief sewing interlude:

Linen bag for my shoes. I estimate I’ve had this tiny bit of fabric (which cost less than $0.50 – a remnant from Reverse Garbage) in the stash for 9-ish years. The buttons I made from fimo when I was 15-16 (what hoarding issues?). The drawstring is from the handles of a paper shopping bag.

I’ve been compelled to store all of my new flat shoes in fabric bags (mostly Aesop bags which I had on hand). I am unsure why, but it does make me really very happy and makes them easy to transport. I’m now planning to purchase some dried lavender and make wee de-stinkifying sachets for them.

And on the subject of linen, I’ve been long dissatisfied with our tea-towels, so decided that linen was worth experimenting with. I acquired some rather gorgeous (and not inexpensive) retro/vintage specimens via eBay and they do indeed live up to the hype.

There is something very satisfying about using an item (which has been kept pristine as part of a collection for years and years and years) for its intended purpose

I had another small remnant of equally elderly white linen from Reverse Garbage which I’d intended to craft into a shoe bag or two, but realised I could probably get two slender tea-towels from the length.

Behold and admire my superior tiny hems (makes the scorched fingies totally worthwhile). Am thinking of either embroidering or silk-screening to finish.

I have now binned those inferior tea-towels.

Viva Flax!

1highly recommended.


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