in which we are SAD

Mom called early this morning.

I answered the phone and she was delighted that I knew who she was as soon as she spoke. I’m glad of that, the other-to-last time she called I said, “oh! hai! smila!”. Oops. Just like that time I thought Don’s step-father was his father. Damn those American accents.

Mom’s doctor told her yesterday that the very aggressive last ditch attempt at chemo hadn’t been successful and the cancer has now spread to her brain.

There’s not a good deal of time left.

I hope I said the right things, but of course I cried and cried.

Don cannot visit her Because Of Reasons1, but I’ve said I’ll go and represent if he needs/would like me to.

I do wish I had been more industrious with the Mom Blanket. As it is am going to spend all day tomorrow and at down-times next week trying to complete it and priority ship it – because Don says she will love it (and include family snaps, which we generally do not take, but which she loves to receive).

1shout out to the wonderful ThirdCat

4 thoughts on “in which we are SAD

  1. Thank you.

    Yes, is all pretty wretched.

    I have never had anyone say to me that they are going to die very soon. I rather hope I never hear it again!

    I cannot even begin to imagine how she must be feeling.

    Really makes one think about things.

  2. Harriet!!

    Yes, is awful.

    Mom's still clinging on – next up: radiation to the head for two weeks (in conjunction with super-horrid-extreme-chemo).

    I don't know, but I think I would have succumbed to defeat a good while ago.

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