After a very long run of completely marvellous successes at the local St Vinnies recently pickings have been quite slender.

Aforesaid successes include: 5 years of Demons [Bessie’s second fave AFL team] scarves with original price tags on, my $7 pure silk Diane von Furstenberg dress, utterly brilliant and wildly inexpensive board games, too many books to mention and many, many other wonderous items, &etc, &etc.

Despite the current dearth of goodness there are still some gems to be had if one looks hard enough (and is sans impatient, eye-rolling husband).

I managed to acquire this kitsch-tastic queen-sized chenille bedspread for $7.50. Originally I had planned to desecrate it by chopping it into bits and crafting a washable cover for the fainting couch. But it was in such good condition that once I threw it across the bed – despite (or because of) the ultra-dagginess – it was not going anywhere.

And then there were the four napkins – which filled my wee heart with extreme joy:

Because who wouldn’t want to wipe their mouth on the American flag?


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