stuff in my letterbox: nsw election

Apart from being inundated with the expected Verity and Jamie propaganda, we’ve received some interesting election related material in the letter-box1 over the past week or so.

A personally addressed letter from Anne Summers citing Verity’s various achievements on (primarily) women’s issues. This was addressed to me and Don did not receive one (obviously the patriarchy does not care for such trivialities).

Letter from various union-types. This was addressed to both of us. I was thankful that batshitcrazyorg was not namechecked – else I would have been forced to set fire to it.

Pamphlet urging us to oppose the Glebe Social Cleansing (wut?).

The source of the out stickers on the Verity posters becomes clear! And the “authorized by” person operates a printing company – which might explain the superior adhesion qualities of the stickers.

I was feeling not too ill-disposed toward the Liberal candidate until I received the how-to-vote (addressed to both of us). Anyone who suggests I put a 2 in the Fred Nile2 box earns last place on my ballot. Interestingly, Joan’s candidate for the Libs had no direction to Fred in the upper house.

And then today we had the pamphlet which changed everything…

Okay, not really.

Tomorrow, we’ll be indulging in our usual electoral feasting and celebrating the end of these clowns.

Remember fellow NSW-ish-imaginary friends: Vote early! Vote often!

1As an aside, I was shocked to learn via Phil and Smila that in the US it is illegal to put anything other than actual mail into a letterbox! Instead, this material would be placed on the doorstep – freaky!

2Ultra-ultra-ultra right wing “christian” for the un-initated.


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