During her less-extremely-horribly-ill times Mom has been on a bit of a decluttering frenzy. She is very keen to pass the heirlooms along to us, which is really very lovely of her.

And so it came to be that there were four rather large boxes for collection at the post office.

We’ve already received the gorgeous china and family silver and now it was time for the glassware.

There was so very much glassware! Which, being in a very tiny flat, we have nowhere other than the garage to store.

After the unpacking (and mad props to shipping company in the small Pacific Northwest town in which Mom lives for their utterly magnificent packing job) I decanted the contents into one of the large boxes and, prompted by the overflow, we decided that we should probably keep some of the glasses out of the box to actually use.

Once, I would have thought this quite fussy, but now I am really rather fond of it and look forward to regular use.

We’re now contemplating acquiring some sort of small china cabinet so we might have the china and silver accessible because it is ridiculous to have such lovely things and hide them away.

Amongst the goodies was a quite wonderful small wooden chest to store some of the previously shipped silver and various Donaldo baby treasures – such as hair from his first haircut! and prints of his tiny baby feets!

And a sword!


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