If you’ve been reading for while, you’ll be aware that late last year I negotiated to work from home for for 2 hours, 3 afternoons a week.

I gave it a good shot, but it really wasn’t working out for me. I’d pack up from SaltMinesLimited, arrive home and start work again for another two hours – honestly, it was becoming like homework and I was beginning to really resent the intrusion of work into my space (plus I felt guilty every time I’d get up to chop an onion or put the dryer on or to boss Joe/Frank about).

So, after a good deal of though and chatting with DishyBoss, this month I’m trialling coming in super-early, having a short lunch and leaving at 4pm with no working from home.

So far I’m back in the haus by 4.30 (and miss the worst of the bus traffic) and let me tell you that it has been completely and utterly wonderful!

I am in heaven. I’m getting so very much done both around the haus (my cupboards are looking wonderfully organised already) and with various projects and I feel fabulously content!

Time to make the change permanent I think.


2 thoughts on “pleased

  1. That sounds super. I am so tired. so so tired. I would be happy to start early if I could finish at 4!
    and yes I know, I have been there 8 months now and no communication from me. I come home and am tired and grumpy and on weekends I just laze about being leisurely.
    and I'm such a terrible mother I have to ask my significant other what our son will have on his sandwich :/

    what a wonderful anti-spam word, I don't yet know what substina means but it does look fabullous, literary deliciousness.

  2. Aieeeeeeeeeeeee! ZOMG! Harriet!

    It really is utterly, utterly wonderful, those 6 years of self-imposed 10 hour days were horrid, but have made me appreciate the coming home early so much more! Now if I have extra stuff to do, I'll even start at 7am or earlier, just so I can leave early (precisely the opposite to how I was rolling before). For all its many, many faults, the SaltMinesLimited has been pretty good about the old work/life balance.

    Email meeeee (when you get a chance to catch your breath!)

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