here she comes

Arrived home this evening to find a rather distressing missive addressed to my lovely husband from the ACT Government.

Yes, yet another speeding fine.

If you follow me on teh twitter, you would have been a victim of my tirade (which featured mucho! swearing!).

After the last fine you may find it difficult to believe that I really do not have a lead foot. Honestly, I usually am quite the keeper of the speed limit! No! Is true!

In NSW I get a $90 fine for 53 in a 40 zone (word on the street says they don’t issue a fine for within 10 of the limit), in ACT $157 for 89 in an 80 zone, immediately coming off a 100 highway.

When I looked at where the offense occurred (see between red X’s above), I remembered commenting, “oops! am going a little fast” and easing on the brakes. Obviously, I should have slammed them on and whiplashed my passengers.

I console myself that I am taking the rap for people like my husband who routinely speed and never get done. And I am quite terrified of the fines accumulated on the return journey, which we’ve not yet received.


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