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I’m on an apparently exclusive mailing list for This means I get all manner of crazy discount offers for stuff I probably don’t need or really even want.

I have bought some mucho-cheap Bond’s sweaters2 for Don and some mucho-cheap very cute ladybug havianas for Bessie – both of which I have been very pleased with. Things take an age to arrive, but the customer service is quite good.

The daily email mostly contains clothes, shoes, bags and occasionally homewares. Today however, one of the items on offer was something very, very special:

The Infinite Holograms are technologically designed to provide waves to the body that act positively on us.

These holograms have been programmed to restore the energy balance we have lost because of the widespread contamination of frequencies that surround us, which we can’t see or feel, but they unbalance our body daily.

When Infinite Holograms contact with our aura, the information sorted in the hologram acts as a shield against such frequencies and also supply us with natural energy. This natural energy helps our cells to communicate much better.

Several tests or Kinesiology Test prove that the user increase his / her core strength, balance, flexibility and resistance to the cell phones, Wi-Fi’s and computer frequencies.

In each box you get a free hologram to stick on your phone or lap top for added protection.

These are 100% genuine holographic wristbands.

A wonderful bargain too at only $24.95 – down from $60!

1If you want an invite, give me a yell
2Jumpers, I mean jumpers – my vocabulary is slowly becoming Americanified, I blame my husband.


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