three to go!

Part of Bessie’s not-resolutions was making gifts for her friends.

First cab off the rank was making a bag for her best friend. Last year we whipped up a silk-screened tote – which BestFriend apparently carries everywhere (yay! for crafted gifts!).

This year, after work-shopping some options, we decided on a More Improved Bag with a subtle Harry Potter theme.

We had some black drill left from the 2010 birthday tote (I am a terrible over-buyer of fabric – I also used it for the Aunt Christmas tote and there is still a little left), bought some yellow fabric from Spotlight and a couple of buttons from Lincraft. Then we found a hufflepuff patch on eBay (which has yet to arrive and will eventually be added later to he centre of the front flap).

Entirely of our own design and we are completely delighted with it!

I’d want one for my very own self if I did not already have the hideously expensive designer bag with my very own name, but we may make a couple more for the rest of the fam (or padded for our various laptops).


5 thoughts on “three to go!

  1. Oh, wonderful stuff! I made my mother-in-law something similar for her choir music. I embroidered her name and La, La, La on the front, and found some vintage sheet music which I sewed into clear plastic for inside and outside pockets. Didn't realise until after I'd finished that the music was published in 1917.

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