Much to my dismay, I’ve been rather down in the dumps for the past several days. I feel really directionless and really quite meh. Truth be told, the prospect of returning to SaltMinesLimited for another year of DishyBoss’s Extreme Micromanagement has me very, very, very unhappy indeed.

So I’ve been sitting about moping and generally being miserable and endlessly trying to arrive at projects I might like to do to distract me from my malaise.

This morning, my lovely husband gave me the most excellent pep-talk which focused on the letting go of perfectionism and just doing something (anything!) rather than trying to find the perfect project for me.

Really, it was just what I needed (much cheaper than the therapist!).

I’ll be back tomorrow with the annual list of things that I might quite like to achieve over the next year, but which are in no way at all resolutions and which there is absolutely no pressure to do.


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