2011: day 001 (sa) lamb cutlets with caesar inspired salad | 010111

To my complete astonishment, I actually photographed every meal (with two hospital exceptions) we ate last year – though, of course, the posting of them here has been astonishingly slackardly!

And so after family caucusing, I’m back for another year, although the rules are changed just a little – no more posting photographs of restaurant meals (I do so hate whipping out the camera in !), but I’ll still post the visit. And I hope I will catch up on last year at some time over this year!


Anyway – on with the foodz …

We fired up the BBQ for one of Bessie’s faves in honour of the first day of her holiday visit.

Lamb cutlets marinated in lemon and rosemary with a caesar-inspired salad* feat Don’s bacon and eggs from Bessie’s suburban chickens.

I cannot even begin to explain how much my children utterly and completely loathe iceberg lettuce – they really adored this salad, which I must say was really quite fine.


Cooked by: Don and Carol

Also, we purchased a microplane with the Christmas dosh from MaidenAunt and it made grating the parmesan wonderfully, fabulously simple. Coveting another, chunkier one! Really, get out and get yourself one (or three).

*Don insists that a proper caesar salad has cos lettuce and we only had iceberg in the crisper.


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