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Police: Reggatta de Blanc (1979) (p.428)

Don: Pretty good

Carol: 6/10 Without Roxanne, what’s the point?

Joe/Frank: 8/10 Generally a good album, picks up points for Message In A Bottle

Bessie: 7.5/10 Very good, except for the title track

The Jam: All the Mod Cons (1979) (p.402)

Don: Is okay, but topical in a way I can never get.

Carol: 6.5/10 Pretty Green pushed it over the 6. Love The Jam, but there are better albums (I like to convince myself that I get it).

Joe/Frank: 7.5/10 Some parts seemed a bit “meh” and it lacks that x-factor, but still a good album/

Bessie: 7/10 Sounded good, didn’t hear a lot.

Funkadelic: One Nation Under a Groove (1978) (p.408)

Don: It grew on me on the second half.

Carol: 7/10 Would have been much less, but the second half of the album was so influential and marvellous (the first bit was mucho lamo though).

Joe/Frank: 6/10 Intriguing mix between funk and rock. Unsure whether I’d listen again.

Pavement: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (1994) (p.725)

Don: The scale cannot contain this album!

Carol: 9.975/10 Started out at 9, but Cut Your Hair and Range Life tipped it over the edge.

Joe/Frank: 8.5/10 A lot of stuff I like about music and it’s got some ripping tracks on it, but some is a bit unaccessible.


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