I promise not to evangelise too much more about my beloved kindle, but it was with great sadness that I returned the rattling kindle (Rattly) to Amazon last week and we, once again, became a single kindle haushold.

Don, who originally turned up his pretty nose at e-book readers, quickly boarded the kindle adoration train when he had one for his exclusive use (while I was sorting the logistics of the return) and was coveting one of his very own.

So, verily, I ordered one for him and was aghast to find that delivery would be 2-3 months!! This compared to the 4 days it took mine to arrive. It would seem that everyone is getting aboard for Christmas.

Curses! I knew I should have kept Rattly and simply cracked the case to return that loose screw to its rightful position.

I did include a rather dishy case for NotRattly in the order – which did arrive in 3 days.

I ordered a case for Don too – which he can now hold and pretend it contains his new kindle and his half-read book.


2 thoughts on “waiting

  1. I didn't even consider international travel when I purchased the Kindle, but I've blown through 2.5 books during Vietnam flights, bus trips and downtime. That's more than the previous, oh, *blushes* year.

  2. I love it so much more than I thought I would. And I thought I would love it a goodly amount!

    When I was trialling the clunky iRex Iliad for SaltMinesLimited a couple of years ago, my second comment was that I wished I had had it with me in Italy, rather than carting several paperbacks about for downtime/chillaxing in Tuscan villa reading.

    First comment was “what child can I sell to raise the $900 this will cost”. I'm amazed that the price has dropped so staggeringly in such a short time.

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