we’ll make the space

NanoBloPoMo = fail.

I missed posting yesterday, but free booze and art and a fabulous date with my husband kind of distracted me.

I really did mean to post, but unfortunately my fingers were too fat and I lacked the requisite dialing wand to post in any sort of coherent manner.

Yes, it was ArtSydney time! And yes, of course, as is our tradition, we did drunkenly purchase new artwork.

There was an absolutely sickening amount of (etsy-style) whimsy and wistfulness this year. We bought from the only artist we absolutely and utterly adored in the whole place and who was super-super-lovely. And how could you go past an artist named Carol? Who was born in the same hospital as my good self!

I am so pleased that our art collection (such as it is) is not from artists with tortured, wanktastic artist statements and are people we really, genuinely like (‘tho, truth be told, we’ve only met 3/5, but we’re convinced the ones we have not met must be lovely).

Delivery is tomorrow – now we just have to find a space for it (with all the mirrors in this place, hanging room is at a premium).

Oh! And must contact my lovely personal banker for contents insurance update (whoever would have thought I’d be in the position to have both a personal banker and art worth insuring?!?)

Pix to come.


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