not hoarding

The decluttering/minimalising is going along quite pleasingly (and I’ve not yet missed anything I’ve ridded us from).

This was the latest bunch of donations to St Vinnies which we dropped off on Sunday.

Call me a philistine if you will, but because of the fabulously brilliant kindle, I’ve happily dispensed with many, many of the volumes I had been holding on to in the event that I might want to read them again (after having located an electronic version first, of course).

When we eventually take the garage plunge (I keep putting if off because it will take half a day and who really wants to spend even a little of their weekend that way?) there will be several additional boxes of books and other emphemera for St Vinnies. And hopefully more room for the camping equipment and suitcases (and not much else!) as a result.

I really do get not a little delight from being utterly ruthless. If only I could apply this to other areas of my life. Work for example.


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