I quite underestimated the delight I would feel in divesting myself of a couple of very heavy boxes of books.

I’d been carrying about a set of encyclopaedia from 1935 since I was 15, but no more! Yes, yes, call me a philistine! I did keep the Atlas because I delight in maps, but I figured I’d let someone else have the joy of them. And the St Vinnies ladies were awfully pleased with everything.

I have kept the Compton’s Encyclopaedia (1954) because it is full of hilarious American Cold War propaganda – which has been useful for Joe/Frank in History and will no doubt continue to be so for a while longer

Garage clean-out is set for 23/34 October, whereupon I will be donating my vast collection of Hardy Boys books and all manner of other things.

Is good charity shop karma.


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