2010: day 267 (f) potato, spinach and salami frittata

Day two of the “get my cooking mojo back” project and it really did reinforce that despite what I might believe, in no way at all can I multi-task after a couple of glasses of wine. Or, in fact, at all! One thing at a time, woman!

Despite my panic, of course, everything turned out perfectly and not overcooked at all.

Potato and Spinach frittata from Marie Claire: Comfort (p.69) with added salami.

I used to be quite terrified of eggy dishes like this, but this recipe, first tried way back in January has really cured me of that fear. Who knew frittata was so simple?! And comforting?! The added salami, I think, gives it a bit of added flavour dimension, but it is quite marvellous without.


Cooked by: Carol


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