I have told myself that under no circumstances am I returning to the SaltMinesLimited until I have completed Don’s jumper – yes, that jumper, the one that has been sitting idle since January, because the v-neck scared me and because someone sat on my knitting and broke a needle! and also because I had to make some hats in the interim and because the pill made me so uninterested in anything and everything.

But at last, thanks to Jessica Fletcher, I am onto the sleeves!

It really will need a good blocking.

This is the first time I have knit both sleeves together and I think it is vastly superior (even if they do look a little like legwarmers).

I’ve also found that if I take the time to make a little (or rather, large) chart of the increasing/decreasing that things go infinitely more smoothly and fewer mistakes are made.

Of course, once it is complete, I will be forcing Don to wear it at all times (I’m sure it won’t be too hot for summer!).


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