This morning saw me back in Serge’s office for a review.

Recovery is on track and I’m doing well, though it will be a good couple of weeks though until I am fully recovered.

I am now in possession of a shiny doctor’s certificate which says I can return to work on October 6. I was planning to go back on September 27, but may just take the extra time, because the prospect of facing the SaltMinesLimited is far too awful to be entertained.

That something was an adenomyoma. While it is smallish at the moment, it will eventually spread to the rest of the ute (we’re hoping slowly). Unfortunately this means that when that happens, the symptoms could be similar to those of the fibroids, and the only way to treat will be with a hysterectomy.

Hmmmmmmm … still, I’m comfortable with the surgery decision I made, I just wasn’t ready to have the ute out.

Interestingly, since Saturday I’ve been trying to take a walk every day, and I’ve noticed that I don’t experience anywhere near the same levels of exhaustion after climbing the stairs that I did before the surgery – I’m tired of course, but I can breathe! Also, coming off the pill has made me much less disengaged, so things are looking much brighter.

Best of all, I now have amazing photos! Of my operation! From the laparoscopic camera!

Now, who wants to see them?


1 thought on “review

  1. Oh, is that the time? I have to run to … er, a … something. Very urgent. So sorry I can't check out the pix!

    (Seriously, I can top yours with my – well, my husband's – photos of my twin ceasar any day).

    Glad to hear you are doing well, and that you are taking it slowly.

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