Because I’ll have (recovery) time on my hands, am starting a new (side) blog.

Is about what we’re eating.

Because yes, I might not have been putting them on this blog, but I have been religiously taking photos all year (except for that hospital stay!) and those meals that I did blog about have been an astonishingly useful resource to both of us.

All links to our marvellous cook books will be book depository ones, because I will not be held hostage by the Australian Publishing Industry and their disgusting prices and neither should you!

Ultimately, this is probably more for us than for you, but you might also enjoy it if you like such things!

Oh, the blog name?

Everything’s better with toast

Because it entertains Don no end that I will eat any and all leftovers with toast for breakfast.

Be kind – it is very, very embryonic at this point (and will give me a good deal to do during my recovery period – apart from Don’s jumper).


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