fabulous genes

We all know Joan is absolutely stunning, but behold my other utterly gorgeous offspring:

Would that I was responsible for the genes for those eyebrows!

A fun, albeit ABSOLUTELY FREEZING, day out with the babies to see Swans v Hawthorn. Finally, after all these years, we found the ne plus ultra of seats! Unfortunately, it means we’ll need to arrive about 3 hours before game time to secure them.

During the game, we suddenly realised that the last Swans home game of the year was on election night.


Now we face the difficult choice of forgoing the traditional family wine and cheese intimate election gathering v last Swans game of the year – which is interestingly v Western Bulldogs. Those who are interested in such things would be aware that 1. WB are the PM’s team, and 2. the Odious Barry Hall now plays for WB and (I think) it will be the first game in opposition at the SCG.

The Humanity!

It almost makes one want to obtain some form of wireless modem and take a laptop to the game. Fairly confident that they’d not let us bring the requisite bottle of wine though.


1 thought on “fabulous genes

  1. “Absolutely stunning”? Hah, through a mother's eyes maybe.

    I was planning to attend your wine and cheese election gathering so if you're going to cancel it, let me know.

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