stuff in my letterbox: election edition

Back to something a tad more cheerful!

It’s election time! I’d say hurrah, but really am disappointed at the blandness of it all.

There’s been a fair bit of press about various high-profile politicians not being terribly forthcoming about their political affiliations in their campaign material and it is excellent to see that our local member has jumped on that bandwagon!

Except for the photograph with Julia and the tiny “Labor for Sydney” and what with all that purple and the absence of party logo, you’d be hard pressed to know Tanya was the Labor candidate. Unkind people might think she’s trying to fool the less-politically aware constituents into believing she’s an independent.

And frankly, who can blame her?

I quite look forward to the appearance of her campaign posters on various surfaces throughout the suburb and wonder if they’ll show the same lack of Laborness.

2 thoughts on “stuff in my letterbox: election edition

  1. There aren't posters for any politcal parties attached to any vertical surfaces around here and Tanya's is the only election flyer we've had!

    One might get the impression that no-one's heart is really in it.

    At a guess I'd say she's had her office there for maybe 3-4 months? Excellent point about it potentially being an election shop-front, is a fabulous location for capturing an enormous number of eyeballs.

    Metaphorically of course.

  2. Still nothing on this side of the electorate of Sydney. I did notice, however, Tanya now has an office on Parramatta Road. Is that new? Is that really an office or just a shopfront for the election?

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