wcoic day fifteen: chile

Deperation drove this decision. It had to be relatively quick (Friday night driving to the ‘burbs to collect Bessie) because, again, we didn’t want to eat at midnight and simple, because I’m doing it solo (Don is out at an EasternSuburbsPowerDrinkersInc function) and that drive really takes it out of one.

Thus we arrived at Lentejas Con Arroz Y Chorizo.

Nigh on impossible to locate jalapenos here, so I made do with capsicum and a smidge extra cumin (thanks to INTERNET).

The lentils could have cooked a smidge longer and I could have employed a tad more spice, but it was a big hit with everyone – really I don’t think anything with chorizo as an ingredient can ever be anything other than fabulous.

Bessie pointed out a couple of weeks ago that we should use the eeeeepc as a kitchen computer, rather than printing out our recipes. Knowing how transient things on INTERNET can be, I’m more of a fan of the hard copy, but tonight I gave her idea a bash.

It worked quite well indeed, but after the Joe/Frank computer disaster of June2010, I’ll still be holding on to a dead-tree version of our fave recipes.


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