wcoic day two: england

Joe/Frank chose this one: Beef Wellington with potatoes roasted in duck fat and greens.

The recipe called for packaged puff pastry. Being a foodie wanker, I’ve always, always made my own from scratch and had tossed around the idea of doing so for this exercise, but Don convinced me that I should save myself the hours and hours of rolling and folding and give pampas a go.

The prep involved drama and panic of masterchef proportions! After several timing issues, burned fingies (boiling water from gravy splashed all over my hand) and, we thought, over-boiled potatoes. We were prepared for a very ordinary meal indeed.

How wrong we were – this was spectacularly good. Yes, would have been slightly improved by using my pastry, but the flavours were just magnificent. And the potatoes (despite the concern of being too soft) ended up being absolutely perfect.

We’ll definitely be having this again.

We finished up with bread and butter pudding, we’d been planning a steamed treacle pudding, but after the kitchen dramas, need something we could mindlessly prepare and we can and do b&b pud in our sleep(s).

Burnded fingies.

So far two for two with wcoic. Can we keep it up?


2 thoughts on “wcoic day two: england

  1. I'll admit that I did wonder about how the kitchen injury made me engaging, but then I remembered that first list of five!

    The focus requires waiting until the last minute, a great deal of wine and bossing about (and mad internet skillz) … right, before we go to bed, we must decide on the menu! – which is actually no different to preparing the menu for most weeks.

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