i have a pretty good memory too

So, those ten things …

I’ll admit that this was incredibly challenging because of the aforesaid yeah, but …’s

Outside (quite the hardest part):

  1. I have a quite magnificent back. And waist (from the back). Seriously. Everyone (who has seen it) says it is my best feature. I should make Don take a photo and dazzle you all with it.
  2. Despite all the kidlets, the rack is still in good order and impressive.
  3. I have an amazingly adorable little toes.
  4. I have long and elegant fingies (this is for my lovely husband, who adores them).
  5. I have very, very good skin. I don’t know what I have done to deserve it, but it is bright and clean and blemish-free

Inside (now that I’m coming to write it, this is equally as difficult and has taken much longer than the physical):

  1. I’m wicked-smart: I can turn my hand to anything I have a mind to – knitting, interlectual pursuits, sewing, accounting, building, analysis, baking – I’m your woman.
  2. I’m stubborn and tenacious: I will follow anything through ’til the bitter end, despite any obstacles thrown at me.
  3. I try very hard to be a good mother: I have very wonderful babies, so must be doing something right.
  4. I’m an engaging correspondent: otherwise the whole seven of you wouldn’t still be here reading this dross, would you?
  5. I know stuff: I want to know everything! And my goodness, if anyone asks me a question (am the go-to girl for all manner of non-sequitorial difficult questions at the Salt Mines), I’ll find the answer, or die trying. Mostly I’ll find the answer.

Also, I will reiterate that this was really very difficult. I think it says a great deal about how we are socialised to self-deprecate and I would very much recommend that you undertake the exercise, if for nothing other than the whole being confronted with yourself thing.

Also, while I’m talking myself up, I’m a pretty stellar dancer.


4 thoughts on “i have a pretty good memory too

  1. I love your list, and I followed the link to the blog earlier today – which I loved, thx – and I *thought* about doing it, but I got stuck quite quickly.

    Do you know, I think I would love working with you at the Salt Mines (not the work so much, but you would make work time fun).

  2. Yeah, hard innit?

    Someone, somewhere, commented that this should be a manditory exercise for all teenage girls. I really do think there's something in that.

    Yes, you'd definitely find the work at The Salt Mines completely dreadful and maddening. Since we moved out into the general population, I've been having a blast with my new neighbours. But we need a fourth who is smart and funny – not whiny, entitled and crazy! I'd swap Anxious Mum for you as a cube-mate in less than a second!

  3. Very interesting exercise! I would struggle to find anything outside to like about myself, but my insides would be the same as yours minus no.4 (see long-abandoned blog ha ha)

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