it was juuusst right

I had intended to wait until I had a photo of the completed article before I posted this, but Bessie is a bit of a slackard and I wanted content NOW.

Those following me on twitter will know that a couple of weeks ago there was a fashion emergency!

There was camp! There was a disco! There was a theme based on the letter of the roll-class!

Bessie is in 9G and thus was required to something starting with “G”. After a great deal of not-terribly creative brainstorming, she settled on Goldilocks and had very strong views about what her outfit should look like (more pale blue gingham?!1)

Bessie appears to have an over-inflated opinion of my seamstressly abilities and thought it would be a breeze. It had been a very long time since I’d sewn a fitted bodice (truth be told, I’m quite convinced that I’d never sewn one) so I felt beholden to acquire a pattern.

In retrospect, I kind of wish I hadn’t gone the pattern route. I thought it would be an easy sew, but I had to make so may adjustments that I may as well have drafted a pattern myself. Bessie is by no means a chubbo or misshapen, but I had to increase the midriff band by whole nine centimetres and make ever-so-many other little tweaks here and there.

It was easily the most complicated thing I’ve ever made. It was such a challenge to fit and took such a long time (fortunately I was a bit fluey and managed to score a day at home watching Murder She Wrote and hand-sewing) and I’m definitely delighted with the outcome.

The back. Very unfinished – tacked together so that I might defy the pattern and make the dress actually fit Bess.

I’m still perplexed as to why I had to add so much to the front band.

If I do say so myself, the lining is pretty stellar. Mad skillz? I has them.

Also at the last minute: the three bears (from the jumper I felted in 2007. See, it pays not to throw anything away)

The whole exercise was a real boost to the ego: complexities, problem-solving, excellent end-product. I really would like to do this again, with possibly a less tight timeline.

1image of Bess as Dorothy has disappeared from INTERNET, must find it on hard drive and upload

5 thoughts on “it was juuusst right

  1. I think I was scarred for life after learning embroidery in (the equivalent of) Year 5, when it was impressed upon my formative self that it was essential that the back of any craft looked as neat as the front.

    Thus, 32 years later, I am still utterly obsessive about the back/underside of anything I am crafting.

    Also, I wish I had someone to tack/baste garments to me for a perfect fit! Or a dress form! Then I might actually make a garment for myself.

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