eatin: giorno settantacinque – ottantasei

This slackardness with posting is doing precisely nothing for me learning my italian numbers! Must improve.

Image-heavy, food-heavy post follows.

Yes, this is a repeat, but what a yummish one.


Kung Pao chicken from a long forgotten location on teh internets, first featured here

Cooked by: Don

One of those dishes which we loved so much we’d flogged to death. It had been a while and was as lovely as we’d remembered.


Chipoltle chicken from Marie Claire: spicy

Cooked by: Don and Carol

A Thursday night is a quick night.


New York steak with steamed green beans

Cooked by: Don

Date Night!

First time I’d been at Pasteur (bazillionth time for Don). Was lovely, but I must say that I thought Don’s has a little more complexity and depth.



Cooked by: lovely people at Pasteur.

First time in an age that our roast lamb had not been slow-roasted and a little bit of free-styling with the accompaniments.


Roast lamb with roast tomato, chilli and asparagus and steamed snow peas.

Cooked by: Carol

We love fish, but are a little afraid of cooking it, so it was with some trepidation that we tried this one out. Mad props to the Coles fishmonger who cleaned Howard (what? you don’t name your food?) for us.


Roast snapper from Marie Claire: kitchen
Cooked by: Don

There’s a whole story here (which you would have read elsewhere) about chipping my hideously expensive new tooth on this meal. Fortunately (or not), it was the tooth and not the meal to blame!

I’ll also point out here that my trusty photographing lamp ceased operations (yes! another!) and so we were forced to illuminate with a torch.


Shepherd’s pie a recipe of my own devising (feat. leftover roast lamb).

Cooked by: Carol

We invented this dish while holidaying in Tuscany – and what a fabulous holiday and meal it was.

This was made extra spesh because we broke out Don’s pancetta – just marvellous!


Pasta Il lebbio (named for the villa we stayed at in Alberi) – a recipe of our own devising.

Cooked by: Carol

The joys of a well-stocked freezer when one seeks a quick meal!


Ropa vieja, first featured here

Heated by: Don and Carol

Thursday night desperation for something different. Was surprisingly very good indeed.


Pre-made quiche lorraine from Harris Farm Market with greens

Cooked by: Don

Don was out at one of his workly wank-fests, so it meant take-away – because the last thing I want to do after driving to the suburbs to collect Bessie and back is cook a meal.

Sadly, out fave chicken shop seems to have changed hands – everything is a bit less fabulous than it was previously. While it definitely wasn’t horrible, I don’t think we’ll be returning in a hurry.


BBQ chicken with chips and gravy.

Plated up by: Carol

The first time Donna has disappointed. While it was very tender and flavourful, it could have been so much better.

Sticky asian pork belly from Donna Hay: beef, lamb + pork

Cooked by: Don



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