eatin: giorno sessantadue – settantadue

Despite the effects of the raging hormones, I still managed to get the daily photograph taken!

Really, I can’t enthuse enough about this little project! Is fabulous to look back on what we’ve eaten and to challenge ourselves to try other things.

You just knew this was coming! Very long, image-heavy, post follows …

Out to see Prodigy tonight, so a quick meal was required. The wonderful thing about cooking so many soups and stews and sauces and such, is that there is always something left for the freezer!


Orecchiette with slow-cooked lamb sugo from Adrian Richardson: Meat

Cooked by: Don

Pavement tonight and while not as quick as reheating something from the freezer, this takes less time that it would to wait for pizza.


Potato, bacon and leek soup from Better Homes and Gardens magazine: Potato supplement (April 1993!)

Cooked by: Don

The first day I completely forgot to photograph!


Wine and cheese in front of the tele Friday night.

Like turducken, but with cow and pig and sheep!

The leftovers made for excellent sandwiches.


Braised shoulder of veal with sage and rosemary from Adrian Richardson: Meat

Cooked by: Don

Re-stocking the freezer with yumminess!


Chicken a la cacciatore from Adrian Richardson: Meat

Cooked by: Don

Moar raiding the freezer!

Cuban black bean soup from Women’s Weekly The Weekend Cook
Originally featured 24 January

Heated by: Don

Have made this a few times over the past couple of years (thankfully, not enough to tire of). It was one of the first things I cooked with chipoltle chilis and was a bit of a revelation – the whole smokey/chilli combo was a taste I was unfamiliar with. Now I’m addicted.


Spiced lentils with lamb cutlets from Marie Claire: spicy

Cooked by: Carol (finally the carol has come back to the kitchen)

Donna, I take every aspersion I’ve ever cast in your direction back. I don’t think we’ve ever cooked so much from one book. And so many wonderful things! This, as always, was magnificent!


Thyme-crusted pork schnitzel from Donna Hay: beef, lamb + pork

Cooked by: Carol

Sometimes, despite the fast and nutritious home-cooked options, there is nothing better than waiting for a pizza to be delivered.


Mexicana and Salami & mushroom pizza with free garlic bread

Cooked by: Perrys Pizza & Ribs, Glebe

Don went to the rugby, Joe/Frank got to choose the take-away, so we had a very yellow meal!


Fish and chips (and scallop and chicko roll)

Cooked by: Fish bite, Glebe

What a difference the correct device makes! The last lot were good, but now we have the kettle BBQ, these are truly, truly amazing.


Don’s tremendously complicated BBQ ribs with Bessie’s potato salad. With Don and Bessie’s spicy BBQ sauce

Cooked by: Don and Bessie

All bits crossed that my numbers are correct!

Aieee! and I’m still two days behind!


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