eatin: giorno and quarantotto e quarantanove e cinquanta

Boy howdy! Does this going out on a school night take it out of you! And two school nights in a row is just simply madness – hence the absence, I’ve been recovering!

We’re totally taking a couple of days off around the Prodigy/Pavement shows.

Wednesday night saw us at The Basement to see Yo La Tengo. It was the first time either of us had done “dinner and a show” and we felt very grown up!

It could have all come to nought, as poor Don was almost not permitted entry because he was wearing shorts (would have been nice if the dress code had been mentioned somewhere at any point, but it hadn’t), fortunately they did the “just this one time…” thing – phew!

Anyway the dinner part of the “d&s” was underwhelming – we’ve never had such well-done rare steak in our lives. The entree’s were none-to-fabulous either. Think very, very average pub food.

The show component, however, more than made up for it – it was brilliant, golly I love YLT! And we chatted to James, Ira and Georgia afterward! And goodness, they were So Nice. I think I now love them even more.

Apologies for the VERY poor picture quality, there were signs posted saying “no, flash photography” and after the shorts incident, we weren’t taking any chances! Thanks to Don for holding the votive.

Steak + mash with pepper sauce.

Cooked by: someone purporting to be a chef at The Basement.

I’d have to give mad-props to the staff though, the service was sensational. And we drank far, far too much!

After last night’s outing, I awoke with a crippling migraine and couldn’t get to work. I blame the dreadfully cheap, dreadfully expensive wine.

Slept most of the day and felt a little more human toward the evening. But it definitely required comfort food before we headed out to see Yo La Tengo again at the Metro.

And they played the song I’d asked them really nicely for the night before! Woo!


Baked beans in ham sauce + Don bacon + cheese jaffles.

Cooked by: Carol

Joe/Frank’s first weekend visit to his Dad’s since moving in with us. After a long, hard day at work and the long drive to the suburbs and back, there was nothing for it but to head out for dinner.


Clockwise from top: Salad and seaweed-y stuff, yakitori (not pictured), teriyaki prawns, sushi and sashimi main (don) and ton katsu (me).

At Teriyaki Japanese Fusion on Glebe Point Road.


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