a friend in need’s a friend indeed

Very long time readers will (possibly) know about Joe/Frank’s “condition” and if you’re also following me on twitter, you might know we’ve been participating in a clinical trial for some time now.

I don’t want to say too much about it, or what it is, because the trial is still ongoing. It was supposed to be the end of it all for J/F late last year, but the poor wee thing had a horrid tummy bug (which he subsequently passed on to everyone in his families) and the visit had to be cut short (because he threw up everywhere). After Xmas hols for everyone, we finally went for his last tests for the trial on Friday.

Joe/Frank was taking medication as part of the trial for a 12 week period last year and after the last visit we were to find out whether he had the medication or the placebo. We all guessed placebo because there was absolutely no difference in anything while he was taking it. And we all really hoped it was the placebo, because we really want this medication to make a difference to people who have this “condition”.

I was handed an envelope after the testing, which Joe/Frank decided to open outside, and to our amazement, this was contained inside:

So, yay!

If the trial is successful, all of the participants will be offered an 8 week course of the medication, so fingies and all other bits crossed for a successful outcome! After everything is complete, hopefully I can talk more about it.

After we were done, J/F and I went shopping for some supplies for school. He needed a new school bag, new pencil case, handkerchiefs & other essentials for living with us (yay!). When I was interrogating, “do you need [this]?”, “do you need [that]?”, he mentioned that he might possibly need a new ruler, which was duly purchased.

Afterward when I went through his old pencil-case, I found his old ruler:

He’s such a boy.


6 thoughts on “a friend in need’s a friend indeed

  1. Now that I think of it, am not entirely sure whether I have actually mentioned it, although very occasionally have vaguely referred to there being “something”.

    Think the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.

    Hope is that medication will make life more manageable for him.

  2. I'm sure you have mentioned it because I knew immediately what you were talking about.

    And that ruler is *perfectly fine*.

    As for placebos, when Stella is saying “my tummy hurts I can't go to school” we give her Placebo.* “Here, have some Placebo, it will make you feel better”. We are so in for it one day.


  3. After all these years, I can never remember what I've blogged about and what I haven't! Must be all of those drugs I did at the turn of the century.

    Oh gosh! I love your placebo! I wish my lot were small enough to use that technique on. But I think you're right about the consequences!

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