quite belated live beer-tasting: sunday

I’m a very late adopter when it comes to beer, after years of screwing up my nose, I now adore it and love trying new varieties, so we’ve been toying for a while with signing up for a Beermasons beer plan, but general sloth and indolence and forgettery have prevented us from doing so up until now (and probably in the distant future).

Yesterday, when we dropped into the Amatos on the way home from the hardware store (a post for the monstera, top up of worms for the worm farm &etc), we decided to go for a mix of exotic/interesting beers and do a wee bit of a tasting of our own. It was nice to actually see a mix of exotic/interesting beers available, our local BWS has reduced their range to about 7 varieties of beer.

Don started the photographing, and I really think we can see who takes the superior snaps!

This was initally planned to be live, but it has suffered the same fate as the beer plan. We’re continuing the tastings today though, so perhaps that will be slightly more live.

Beer One: Abbott Ale 5.0%
What the bottle says: Brewed longer for a distinctive full flavour

Carol: 2.5/5
Inoffensive and drinkable, but ridiculously expensive for being just that. Value for money is on the Carlton Draught.

Don: 2/5
I didn’t find the full flavour the bottle promised. It kind of fell flat for me.

Beer Two: Waggle Dance 5.0%
What the bottle says: Brewed using our own natural mineral water and real honey, this delicious golden ale has tantalising honeyed aromas tempered by a grassy, lemony nose – all leasing to a finely balanced, fresh, delicate flavour of hops with a lingering dry finish.

Carol: 2.5/5
Again inoffensive and totally drinkable. The honey was just barely there and I stuggled to find any grass or lemon. But again no value for money in this one, didn’t live up to the hype at all.

Don: 2/5
A bit of a disappointment. I expected, at least, a honeyed hint but didn’t find it.

Beer Three: Twisted Thistle IPA 5.3%
What the bottle says: A refreshing example of an India Pale Ale from the master brewers at Belhaven. The blend of Cascade and Challenger hops combine to produce an abundance of fresh hop aroma that preludes a bitter-dry taste explosion. Crafted from nearly three centuries of brewing heritage at one of Scotland’s oldest breweries, this ale from Belhaven will have your taste buds lingering

Carol: 4/5
Delightful, delicious, de-lovely! I do love an India Pale Ale and this one was quite nice indeed, just enough of the molassesy. Would drink again.

Don: 3/5
Not bad, but the hops didn’t come through enough for me.

Beer Four: La Guillotine 9%
What the bottle says: lists the ingredients

Carol: 0/5
Perfectly ghastly. Too disgustingly sweet, then too disgustingly bitter. Would rather drink a vat of lukewarm poison than drink again.

Don: 2/5
Lots going on that covers up the high alcohol content. An example of how complex a beer can be, but not a taste I’ve yet acquired.


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