eatin: giorno diciassette e diciotto e diciannove e venti e ventuno e ventidue

Rolling this into one post is way too horrible to compile (we ate what? when?), so the h4t3rz are going to have to suck it up while I return to daily or semi-daily posts.

I’d have to say one thing about this project, it has definitely forced us to try really hard not to repeat (and made us aware of how frequently we did so).


Burritos! Thanks to Old El Paso as ever.

Cooked by: Carol

Readers from the mrshardly days will be amused to see that I actually own a Donna Hay cook book. In my defense, I did not purchase it – it was amongst a pile of books a kindly neighbour had put out on the footpath (we seem to do that a fair bit around here, is nice!).

Veal with soft polenta and blue cheese – from Donna Hay: simple essentials – beef, lamb + pork.

Quite yummy, though next time would flick the polenta and serve with mash (shot of Don’s plate where too much blue cheese is barely enough).

Cooked by: Don

Out to see The Decemberists this evening (and gosh darned excellent they were too), so required speedily prepared nourishment beforehand.


Nachos! Burritos leftovers repurposed.

Cooked by: Carol

Another that has only recently made a comeback from the wilderness after being consumed way, way, way too frequently.


Chicken Massaman curry. Thanks to Mae Ploy for the paste (and I was going to credit the fabulously named Thep Padung Porn Coconut Co, who were the importers, but seem to no longer be).

Ugly as all get out – but totally delicious!

Cooked by: Carol

This was an utterly inspired, post-shopping decision. So quick! So tasty!

I’ve been somewhat reluctant to use this book because I completely and utterly loathe the styling of it. Honestly, if I met Gayna Murphy and Caterina Scardino (lifestyle and fashion stylists, respectively) in a dark alley, I would give them such nasty looks – so many pages of an otherwise perfectly good cookbook are wasted with full page shots of whimsical girls in tied-dyed slips and wellington boots in the middle of fields!

Anyway, lesson learned about judging books filled with annoying waifs.


Lamb Cutlets with chunky tabouleh from Marie Claire: Fresh + Fast

The tabouleh used herbs from our very own Rancho Farmo! It was utterly marvellous! I can’t believe how infinitely superior fresh herbs from the garden are to fresh herbs from the store!

Cooked by: Don

Had planned risotto, but it was so unpleasantly hot that we flicked that idea and took the take-away option.


Tom Kha Gai, Duck salad, Penang Curry from Thai Center in Glebe. Have to say I preferred it to Deli’s Thai (which is a smidge closer).

Obviously brilliant minds think alike because we missed the lovely flashman and the lovely smallstakes by about an hour.


3 thoughts on “eatin: giorno diciassette e diciotto e diciannove e venti e ventuno e ventidue

  1. i'm not a big fan of deli's thai either – it's ok for the $7.50 lunch special, but otherwise i'm not that keen. thai center is becoming my favourite lazy friday option though.

  2. Shan, I was really pleasantly surprised – there's so much very ordinary thai around, so I wasn't hoping for much.

    Prudence, I certainly can!

    All on Glebe Point Road (in order of proximity to Broadway)

    Red Chilli Hot Pot
    15-21 Glebe Point Rd (not to be confused with the Szechuan restaurant a couple of doors down and closer to Broadway)
    Super fun, super-hot, super-yum!

    22 Glebe Point Rd
    Rather (very) expensive, but gorgeous French.

    Flying Fajita Sisters
    65 Glebe Point Rd
    Very good, not too expensive Mexican, pretty much as good as you're going to get outside the US.

    Saigon Saigon
    97 Glebe Point Rd
    Comparatively expensive (for Vietnamese), but quite reasonable and usually very delish!

    Na Zdrowie
    161 Glebe Point Rd
    Polish – Very hearty and very lovely, great service.

    Ancient Briton (AB)Hotel
    225 Glebe Point Rd
    Decent pub food – amazing (and huge) laksa. Very kitschtastic fish-tank bar upstairs.

    Have heard good things about Glebe Point Diner, but have not yet been (still pouting over the closure of its predecessor).

    I'm at a loss when it comes to Ultimo, but have had a couple of very nice lunches at sugaroom in Pyrmont

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