stuff in my letterbox: mysterious edition

Yesterday when I collected the mail, I found this amongst the catalogues and home delivery menus.

It’s a card for a registered post article. Which is perplexing, as I’m not expecting anything. Even more perplexing is that it is in my previous name, and as far as I know I have changed pretty much everything.

So far my list of probables is:

  • A fabulous prize for some un-remembered contest I entered years ago
  • Hate mail which the recipient really wants to ensure I receive
  • A new digipass for my internet savings account (unlikely, I think they’d email)
  • Library fine (quickly discounted as 1. in new name 2. no fines outstanding)

I’m collecting this morning – all will be revealed…


And the reveal…..
Mystery registered post contained $40 of myer vouchers from some online surveys I’d completed and forgotten about haviang redeemed. D’oh!


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