75 minutes of heavy breathing

I promise this will not turn into simply a “post my food” blog. I’m sure the novelty will wear off around Day 20 and then it will simply vanish into the ether, like so many of my other projects.

Speaking of projects, you may remember that in the dead of winter I signed up for the mefi summer music swap – where I agonised about my mix and received (and in one case, didn’t receive) some way cool CDs in return. Going back and tracking down the post, I realise that I never did post my tracklist (this really does need to be rectified).

I enjoyed it so much, I’ve signed up for the winter swap.

I have until January 23 to decide on a clever theme or whether to just recycle my theme from the last swap (which, given the peeps in my swapset are entirely different, might not be such a bad idea if I am pressed for time.

However, I do like the songs-with-heavy-breathing idea. Or “I gave my love a banjo” (which is very inside baseball: from my favourite ask metafilter question – ever!), but I suspect I’ll have some trouble tracking down a sufficient number of banjo songs.


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