eatin: giorno quattro

We’d planned to go out for dinner, but Mom was dead keen on staying in with pizza and a couple of episodes of pie in the sky

Perry’s pizza
Cooked by: some dudes at the pizza shop

Mexicana pizza from Perrys – obviously I did not confine myself to this piece alone. I console myself that I did run quite a bit at lunchtime, so perhaps I can say worked it off in advance.


2 thoughts on “eatin: giorno quattro

  1. I had completely forgotten it too, until DishyBoss came back with a stash of DVDs for his Mum and it was amongst them.

    Then it had to be mine! Surprisingly it has stood up reasonably well (but goodness! the mid-90s clothes were ever-so-baggy!). Every time I watch it, I have an uncontrollable urge to make puff pastry.

    If you can't locate it (I found mine at the ABC shop) and you'd like to get your hands on a *cough* copy – drop me an email.

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