and so it begins

Long time readers will know of my deep and abiding love for warning signs, so it was with great delight that I spotted this one yesterday on the escalators at Westfield Bondi Junction.

The Eastern Suburbs are so wonderfully fashionable that residents obviously need to be warned that they might encounter undesirable footwear:

Threw caution and saverering to the wind today and purchased a 1TB external hard drive ($118 – yay Harvey Norman!) and a new DVD player with USB port (surprisingly difficult to find a player that has both a USB port and supports DivX, but yay Sony!) No longer will we have to copy video files to cd/dvd to watch them, tho neighbours will be sad because we’re forever putting huge stacks of burned CDs onto the footpath & they don’t last long.

The external hard drive was kind of essential – poor old Gertie (the macbook) is just about on her last legs – dvd drive dead, ethernet port dead, occasional screen issues – who knows how long she has. And I was feeling that it would probably be quite a good idea to back things up, particularly after the death of the drive most of our music was on (fortunately it is also in other spots, but will take quite a bit of work to reconstruct).

So really, they weren’t terribly extravagant purchase, more like haushold necessities.

I am terribly envious of anyone who does not have to return to their very own Salt Mine tomorrow.

I look forward to a full (and dreadully busy) month of flying solo in my department. On the upside, I am the boss!

Hmmmm, I should totally ask the boss for a 3 hour work week. And maybe a 3 hour work day.

And a salary increase.


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