eatin: a project (giorno uno e giorno due)

Following on from the abandoned project posting our weekly menus in order to chronicle our eating, I’ve decided to visually chronicle them instead. This was prompted largely by Mom enquiring after watching me photograph Christmas and Boxing Day dinners whether I photographed every meal we consumed, well no, but what an excellent idea!

Then I discover from the lovely smallstakes that there is a flickr group devoted to same – brilliant minds obviously think alike.

On with the foods!

We started the year with two of our very faves:

Cheong Liew’s Braised Pork Belly – from Jennifer McLagan: Fat
cooked by: Don

Duck Breast with Celery, Apples and Pecans – Marie Claire Fresh + Fast
cooked by: Don


2 thoughts on “eatin: a project (giorno uno e giorno due)

  1. The pork belly is truly fabulous – so much fat is involved that you can feel your ateries hardening as you eat.

    I feel we really need to work at our plating up skillz.

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